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Originally Posted by mr ilia View Post
Adding power is always good, bu your numbers do not make sense at all.

1 - With the he stock TB setup, did your engine "pull hard"?
2 - Can you feel the difference "before" and after the "tune"?
3 - What is "butt dyno" telling you, if thar is better now with the ITBs than when it was with single TB?singe?
1.stock tb with stock chip no... Stock tb with dinan clone chip pulled better
2.itbs before tune running on dinan chip pulled better but not WOT bc it would lean out. 20% - 80% throttle car drove and pulled great... After we tuned the itbs added bigger injectors and got the motor to run safe afr it pulled even better. There is still some fine tuning to be done on the tq/hp curve.

"butt dyno" feels much more responsive and pulls better than stock.

There were a couple of people who drove the car before... When they drive it again they'll feel the diff.

And as i said.. It is not fine tuned yet... I might be able to get maybe 5 more hp but what im looking to get is a better tq/hp curve.

I may have it tuned a bit more by the fall cruise or the next autoslalom event. come and see how it is...

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