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Fs: M30 oil filters - (e12, e23, e24, e28, e32)

German Mechanics is selling out our stock in M30 oil filters. These are manufactured (literally) in the same factory that OEM BMW filters are made in.
These are basically re-labled OEM filters for a fraction of the price. This is what makes us @GeMc so great!.. OEM quality for a discounted price.
OEM part #11 42 9 063 138

$8.50/ea (if you buy minimum 5)
$7.00/ea (if you buy minimum 50)

Fits the following cars:
E12> 5-series ('73-'83) 2.8L & 3.0L
E23> 7-series ('77-'84) 3.2L
E24> 6-series ('78-'88) 3.2L & 3.5L
E28> 5-series ('83-'88) 3.2L & 3.5L
E32> 7-series ('85-'92) 3.5L


German Mechanics
2530 Speers Rd #5
Oakville, ON Canada
(905) 286-4362
Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

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