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Originally Posted by DEZIAC
Congrats on the pickup! Yes, Ian is a great source for parts and is a local Kingstonian. I'm local as well most of the time, between Toronto and the US. Anyways, I'm down for lending a hand if needed or even if you just want to talk old euro cars. I get back from Maryland next week though.
As this is my first fun at a BMW I am sure that I will have an abundance of questions, so much so, that people will probably get sick of me When I start the process of tearing down and such I will be sure to let everyone know so they can follow the progress of the rebuild!

Originally Posted by 73 Tii
Congrats on the pick up. Lots of knowledge,parts and ideas with the Toronto crew. Let us know how we can help
Thank you, I am sure that I will be leaning on people for some help and maybe some parts if things get a little worse then expected. I am already thinking that I am going to need a replacement trunklid due to the large holes drilled into it for that wing, but we will see.

Originally Posted by 1BADBMR
Welcome to Maxbimmer !!!

Congrads on the new Project car, keep us updated on the overhaul
I will be sure to keep everyone up to date, and document the process as best I can!

Originally Posted by jm1602
I have a picture of that car. Could never figure out why someone would put a wing on an '02. Hopefully you will put that right along with everything else you find. That air filter setup is something else man.
Good luck.
The funny thing is that the guy that owned the car before my friends dad used to race it and he didn't see the need for a wing I can assure you though that it will be one of the first things to go on it.

The "air filter" (term very lightly used) is truly out of this world. When I first saw it my brain kinda hurt. I wonder how many times that dryer ducting threatened to burn under the heat of the hood? I am going to look into getting the Kugelfischer rebuilt and installed back under the hood as soon as I can. I really want this car to be as stock as possible. (interior and 5 speed excluded as I like those upgrades)
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