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Do your research on the 5 lug swap. Not really worth it IMO. The best way to preform the swap is with e30 m3 components, which will cost you your first born child lol. The e36 swap seems to be hit or miss. If the proper components are not used you will throw the geometry of the car off. I have read of a few nightmare stories from others who have completed the swap. There have also been many success stories but a lot of experimenting was done. Most ppl Mainly complain about shaking/vibrations at high speeds. Also I don't believe you will be able to run e30 5 lug rims with e36 components because the offsets will be thrown off.

If you are concerned with braking power the e30 non m3 brakes work really well with freshly rebuilt calipers, a set of brembo blanks, SSlines and a good set of brake pads.

If you want to run the 5 lug for rim preference, there are other options. You can get 4 to 5 lug hub adapters. Smallest I have seen is 18mm thick and they can go as thick as 55mm from what I've seen. Personally I wouldn't run thicker then 20mm, which will provide for a decent offset to run e36 wheels. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope that helps. I have bc coils on mine like I mentioned before and couldn't be happier. Best bang for your buck IMO.

Good luck.
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