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Originally Posted by Dysantic View Post
I'm pretty sure it will just come down to how much of a dick the cop is and how bored they are. It's like pulling someone over for having a loud exhaust when its not really that loud. They are just doing something for the sake of doing it.

Hell, if some ricers can drive around with HID's bright enough that they are blue, you should be able to run with red angel eyes. At least the red angel eyes won't completely blind the people infront of you or in opposing traffic like these people with 20000k bulbs. Now they should be pulled over and ticketed.
well technically those high K hid bulbs are not bright. 4200kish gives out the most lumens.

those dolts running hid kids in halogen housings should be ticketed for sure(incl all the bmw guys doing it too. there are a lot) glares all over the place.
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