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Oshawa Automotive Museum.

I know it's getting cold soon and lots of folks want to do some indoor activity, car related would be a huge bonus for some and here are some photos I took when I went with the kids during Summer break, I've heard about for a while but never went since I drove by there quite few times and always wonder just how many cars you can put in there in such a tiny place, the answer is well, a lot, not to mention back of my head was thinking possibly filled with GM cars that I'm not too interested in.

I felt really sad as the place needs more funding and deserves to be in a much larger space, it was really cheap, it's about $5 a person and free parking, although the parking lot is horrible and my car almost got stuck, so do be careful when using the lot.

For those that are interested, the address is:

99 Simcoe Street South Oshawa, ON

I recall this as a very early Sunbeam motorcycle.

A decent condition Bugatti

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