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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Your father is getting the shaft. I know many people making 50k+ just starting out @ rogers. If you know where to look, there's money I don't need to explain myself as people in the IT sector vary like yo-yos. Some make 120k+ a year and some make 80k a year. Having a business is what I'd like to do and then progress into a architect after having year of exp behind me. Consult companies for 250$/hr and make piles of money. That's what I want to do, and will do. What you think is right is your own opinion, I come from speaking with people who tell me aprox. what they make and will make my own conclusions. Any fool who thinks that the tech industry only makes 40k a year needs a reality check. Yes, I've worked @ Genband and seen many Indians come abroad, but only for 6-8mnth work terms. Also worked @ Ciena and seen how they operate. Once you get networking, it's not hard to find some money trail that can net you 70+ per year.
Young and ambitious... I like that. The only thing you are missing is a reality check.

From a consulting point of view you might bring $100-120 per hour for a short term contract which would equal your 250k/year (if you don't count statutory holidays, vacation, etc) but the reality is it's simple economics: supply and demand. And there's plenty of supply out there. Gone are the days of the Y2K bubble - everyone is an architect nowadays. Hence, your 250k/year is just the usual, I know a guy, that knows a guy, that makes 150 bucks an hour and does nothing all's a dream. There may be an odd few people making this money short term but why pay someone 100 an hour when the same job can be done for 20 in India? And the scary thing, a lot of the times this job can be done even better than locally, after all there's 1.2 billion ppl to choose from vs 30mil...

Now if you were in a niche sector like IT security or "user experience" you might get away with a higher rate contract for a short term but the reality is it's not sustainable. You may make 100 bucks an hour for 6 months but then you'll sit without work for the next 6 months because the economy is in recession or some other market downtime...

And there is the other side of the coin: ever heard a saying "programmers are born, not made"? People do not get smarter with age and experience, they only get wiser....

just some $.02

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