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honestly, the amount of people making 250K outside of owning your own business and the banking sector a grade schooler can count up to.

Im sure there are architectureal technologist what ever you want to call it, making 250K.
but if I owned a business and needed said services Im going to pay a quarter million dollars to the one with the most experience. That means someone trying to become an architect will never get my business, thus never gaining experience,thus never recieving that high pay.

its sad... Im 23 and I feel how shafted our generation is;baby boomers reluctant to retire. for example theres 13 teachers over the age of 70 in the toronto school board collecting pension cheques as well as paycheques as they are still teaching, one of them is 76. this behaviour is going to get a lot more popular as the baby boomers have made incredibly poor investments, purchases, and didnt save for that "rainy day".
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