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Originally Posted by defaultName
I'm not going to lie, I hate you right now.
It is okay, I have heard that a few times already

Originally Posted by tonyhavana
Congratulations! Here's link to a VIN chart for 2002s.

I would check that first to see if you have a real tii.
The snorkel on your car, (the tube that is on the body just in front to the right side of the rad), is not normal on a tii. But there's nothing wrong with having a standard 2002 either. is the BEST website for 2002 info.
Make sure to do forum searches first though, everything has been covered.
Looks like you're in Kingston, and there is a very knowledgable guy in that area, Ian Pringle I think is his name.
Not sure if he posts on this board though.
Good luck with it!
The first thing I did was check the VIN to make sure that it was in fact a real tii, as I had the exact same concerns when I saw under the hood as you did. The VIN does begin with the correct 276 and the number on the VIN plate matches the one on the block so it is a matching block and car.

The Kugelfischer was removed by my friends dad as he was having problems with it, and he took the intake and carb off of a regular 2002 to help fix the problem. Lucky for me he kept all the proper parts so I will get it rebuilt and put in properly. The other thing that threw me of course was the standard 2002 dash, not the tii dash, but that was another thing he replaced from the 2002 doner that he had because the tii dash was cracked. I think that the dash with clock are in a storage shed at my friends so this coming weekend I am going barn diving for all the rest of the parts for it.

Thank you for the name as well, I will have to search for him and get some information and tips, as this will be my first BMW so I am sure that there are lots of things to learn. Do you happen to know if he has a shop here, or works in a shop by any chance?

Originally Posted by ///Maluco
Looking forward to seeing you revive this classic.

...also looking forward to a youtube video of the destruction of that spoiler... ('Office Space' style LOL)
I am sure that there will be video of the descruction of that wing, and it will most likely find its way here

The restoration is going to have to wait till spring when I can get access to a garage but I plan to dive in head first on this and hope to have it in pretty good shape by the summer, just in time to cruise a bit with it.
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