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yea definitely. its alot more prevalent in the trade schools where the profs and the people coming in to teach the students will gloat about how much they make. It's sort of to entice them..

The difference being that in trades you usually have to work for 5 years as an apprentice making peanuts to finally graduate into a $40K salary. Then usually they start their own business and can make more cash that way.

As for the IT sector... a college grad is realistically going to be making next to nothing. Maybe if youre lucky $30K to start. You got people coming out of Waterloo whom you are competeing against. The IT market is over saturated. And most of the big companies are bringing in contractors from India to fill the network engineering roles. They come in for typical 1-2 year contracts (Tech Mahindra is a big one) and are shipped back out - at least thats what I've seen. Or they go with Engineers from reputable universities. College grads are really being beat out of the market.

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