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My "new" 2002tii

I am new to the idea BMW ownership and have never really given it any thought till recently. They have always been cars that I have admired but never thought one would ever come my way.

The father of a very good friend of mine was however a BMW fan and had owned a few, but paired everything down recently till he was only left with the one. His 1972 2002tii.

The car was last driven in 2008, and 2 years ago he passed away. The car has been sitting in the garage since then in the exact state he left it in.

My friend's mother decided that it was time to start pairing down things so she put out an ad to try to sell the car and got no bites in more then a year. Mind you they live in a very small town and it is fairly rural so they are more interested in vintage North American iron then European cars, so it is not surprising that there were no buyers. I was discussing things with her on a recent trip out there and she just needed the car gone now, so I told her that the only offer I could make was extremely insulting for it. I managed to tell her what I would pay and before I could continue on she said "sold" and shook my hand.

Yesterday my dad and I drove 150km in the rain to pick up the car and bring it back here. The trip was laced with problems but we conquered them all and the car is now safely stored away, ready for me to start working on it in the spring.

The good:

Solid shell
Original motor
Upgraded interior
BBS wheels
Many spare parts

The Bad:

Ugly spoiler that must die
Kugelfischer system removed carb in its place (but still have the fi system)
Headliner needs replacing
General refresh needed

I am in the process of gathering information about the car and its history, and sourcing parts for it as well so that I can bring this car back to its former glory.

Be kind to a newbie on the board.

Here is a link to a Flickr set showing the car in its current state.
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