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e30 is back in the garage! A necessary evil...

Few issues to be taken care of:

Tranny still has no 1/2 gears, 3/4 are getting worse. Ive gotta drop the tranny and get another ZF in. While its down I'm going to make the shifter carrier more secure on the back bracket to ensure no more contact between the selector rod and guibo (there has been contact now its evident on the guibo, but its not the issue with 1/2)

Motors running rough. I got a smoke test done, and no leaks to report. VERY rough idle now, and a terrible sound :S. Ive tried a different DME and tune and no difference. Need some time to look into it.

General tweaks -- Going to remove the flex disc in the steering coupler and replace with spacers. Wire tuck needs to be completed. Cluster needs to be investigated. Radio and gauge wiring finalized

Anyways, some pictures of the state it got put away in! There has been much progress and I'm really happy that I got to test it out this season and discover my issues. This is going to make everything a lot more focused, and I'm not too intimidated by the amount of work left


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