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1996 e36 Diesel Wagon - 318tds

I've been humming and hawing about selling this car but I think it's time. It's been up here before:

I bought it in June 2011 with 176,000kms on it. Now it has 213,000. I drive it every day between Burlington and Toronto.

The good:
  • On a $63.00 fill up, I get 900kms. And I have a bit of a lead foot.
  • Never failed to start even in the coldest winter mornings.
  • It's roomy. I can fit 185cm long snowboards in the back, no problem.
  • Drives smooth and the engine is very torquey, shifter is crisp. clutch good.
  • New battery (BMW original)
  • New rear shock mounts
  • New rear bumper
  • Rust repaired and repainted hatch
  • Nice JVC stereo head unit with Bluetooth and iPod integration
  • A few extra oil filters and a fuel filter
  • Insurance was not a problem with Dominion of Canada
  • Parts are not a problem - Mike at Maranello gets me everything within a week.

The not-so-good:
  • About a month after I bought it, the A/C compressor seized. I had the entire A/C system rebuilt for $2,300.00. Then a month ago, the compressor seized again. Out of warranty, of course. So, to get the A/C working again, you'll need a new compressor. I'm just not motivated to fix it.
  • The diesel pump leaks. I get a small spot of leaked fuel under the car overnight. Took it to a diesel mechanic and he suggested I leave it alone. He says it's just "sweating". Can't be much of a leak because my fuel economy hasn't changed.
  • It has some rust at the bottom of the doors and some scratches and small dents. It's not a show car.
  • Rear hatch doesn't lock/unlock with remote. You have to do it manually.

Photos are all in the link I posted above. I will try to get some updated ones. Car can be viewed in Toronto or Burlington. Price is $3,500.00 as is. I have about $10k into it (ouch!). It was certified in July '11 when someone on this board practically begged me to sell it to him and then didn't show up for our appointment. Last e-test was June '11.

If you're just curious about a e36 diesel wagon, come by my office in Burlington and I'm happy to show it to you. Just be straight up and let me know whether you're a serious buyer.

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