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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
The graph there is comparing a ratio change in the sprockets (there is no differential on that bike) a differential is called a differential because of a difference in motion.

when people talk about drivetrain hp loss they are comparing to fwd cars and rwd cars etc .. there is no diff in a GSXR so there is no drivetrain loss. That graph is apples to oranges and the physics is different. I thought this was common sense to you but maybe you didn't know that about motorcycles.
So you are claiming there is no loss of power in the chain ?

I thought a differential was this ...

A vehicle's wheels rotate at different speeds, mainly when turning corners. The differential is designed to drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. In vehicles without a differential, such as karts, both driving wheels are forced to rotate at the same speed, usually on a common axle driven by a simple chain-drive mechanism. When cornering, the inner wheel needs to travel a shorter distance than the outer wheel, so with no differential, the result is the inner wheel spinning and/or the outer wheel dragging, and this results in difficult and unpredictable handling, damage to tires and roads, and strain on (or possible failure of) the entire drivetrain

Agreed there are more losses in a differential due to bearing friction and gear friction but there are losses in a chain too.
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