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Originally Posted by Jademonkey View Post
Can anyone tell me what the point of unlocking a cell phone is?
I have heard it mentioned a few times, but havent been able to figure out what it actually does.
Unlocking cell phone means that if we buy a mobile from AT&T for the contract of two years then we cannot any other carrier other than AT&T. We have to pay more for Data and roaming charges. So if we unlocked that mobile from AT&T we can use any carrier as our wish. If we want to unlock the mobile. There are many unlocking methods are there, but the cheapest and safest method is using unlocking codes. We can get these unlocking codes from the service provider; But AT&T will not give unlocking code until your contract period. If you want to unlock your mobile before contract period then you must get the unlocking codes from the online sites. There are many online sites providing unlocking codes. I unlocked my blackberry mobile using unlocking codes from the site .They are cheap and reliable. Here we can get the unlocking code by just giving IMEI number. They will provide unlocking code with instructions with in 2 days. They also provide good customer support. If you wish you can visit this site. It will be very useful to you.....

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