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You don't need the relo kit. If you get double sided tape you ent be able to tell. Relo kit from maranellos is like 120$. I have the android in my car and love it and yes I bought a relo kit but I didn't "need" one

Depends of you're picky and a perfectionist where this stuff will bother you. The relo kit is basically rounded along the edges to fit around the climate control. If you don't have it your putting a piece that's curved (climate control) into a piece that's straight edged. So on the edge you will notice a small gap. Nobody else will notice though

GLWS 600$ is a good deal for someone since you forget that tax,duty,brokerage all that adds up. A dynavin should cost you about 1000$ brand new after all your expenses. So 600$ is a great deal and I love this unit to death!
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