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More Phatbox info

As I stated in my original post, the Phaxbox originally sold for about $800 (I paid $750). It satisfied a very specific need that I had (to be able to play the 500+ MP3 files that I had collected from the Napster and Kazaa days.) I didn't have a CD changer, so I used this instead. I wish I still could, because the ability to play a given song with a few pushes of my steering wheel controls was awesome!

Here is a review that ZDNet once published on the device:

This unit has been discontinued by Phatnoise, mostly because the iPod has largely taken over this segment. That's most likely why you have not heard of it. But there are not a lot of options to integrate an iPod with your car radio if you own a E39, as you have discovered. The Phatbox, however, does have a large following on the internet and there are a number of support forums.

I do have a PayPal account, so we could use that if you'd like.
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