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Originally Posted by KIRASIR View Post
Tell that to us again when you kiss a car in front of you during a snowstorm. Xdrive wont help you to stop and turn in the snow without winter tires.
Winter tires do not make you a better driver. I wont kiss anyone because I dont plan on driving beyond the conditions of my stopping ability with a tire geared for wet like a Hydro Edge ( no one said use strictly summer tires ). I have and know plenty of X drivers who do not use and havent used strictly winter tires for over 10 years now and no one is kissing anyone. In fact I am willing to bet a lot of those winter tire users are kissing just as many people. If you buy winters for your X simply for the reason of stopping some feet sooner I would suggest you first take a driving class to learn how to stop properly to start with.

Now I drive in the niagara to toronto region, obviously if he is in a deep rural area or very off the path roads he may like to have winters but for the most part an XI or Xdrive will pull these cars through a crap load of snow, turn and handle just fine with a Hydro Edge type tire.

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