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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
You have an X so honestly you dont need pure winters unless you of course are using strictly summers any ways. I have run the michelin wet/dry all year for years on my X and love em.

Best bet is call Phil at Eurostyle above, wont beat his prices I bet.
I'm tending to agree with Blackedout95. If you bought a Xdrive it should be better than just RWD. That's the main reason I went with a Xdrive. I replaced the Runflats with Cooper CS4 205/55/R16 All Weather tires. So far I've been happy with them but when snow comes, I'll really know how good they are for everyday winter driving. I tried a few things during the recent heavy rains we have been having in Toronto. The combination of traction control and tire design work well with the 328xi. I can stop on a dime and accelerate somewhat aggressively without alot of spin in most cases (with DTS disabled.).
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