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Furthermore, the OP has not addressed Tekals question of battery drain.

Also, the fact that you(OP) have deep scratches in your corolla that have not rusted, IS NOT evidence that the rust protection works. I have a project car (Ford Mustang) that is a salvage car that has been sitting on my driveway for over 2.5 years. It has exposed metal and broken paint seals in various locations. Most of those exposed areas have not rusted at all. I am not using any form of rust protection.

And for an electronics engineer to be presenting the type of "evidence" you have been presenting, as well as the manner in which you present it, seriously gives me concern as to whether you are an electronics engineer. I spent a good portion of my post secondary education in an engineering program, and I have never seen findings presented in this way. You may be an engineer, but that doesnt mean you are correct.

At the end of it all, I wish and hope your findings are correct as I despise rust. But again, your research does not justify spending 300 dollars on this until you can organize and document your research / results in a better way.

"I use the same device that dealers u think a multibillion $ company would sell a fake product?u can put a law suit against company is stupid to do that."

MANY companies sell products that dont do what they advertise, and they often protect themselves from lawsuits using fine print eg. weight loss pills, the cold air intake that will give you 15 whp etc etc

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