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Friday was the last gentlemen's race of the year - and it was a WET one!

I was pretty happy because it meant I finally had a chance to try my rain-grooved R888s that I bought 2 years ago.

Just as I was about to head out for qualifying, I tried my wipers and found out they weren't working (passenger one was too low and getting stuck on the windshield). By the time I removed it, I had missed about 1/2 of the 25 min session.

I head out, and instantly my windshield fogs up to the point where I can BARELY see the track - talk about scary! I come into the pits, dad wipes off my windshield, and it happens again (not as bad though). I do another lap, then come in again. Dad wipes it off and I go back out - do 1 lap and get checkered flagged.... ugh - ended up qualifying last in GT1 with a 1:42.2.

Turns out Jamie was having the same issue - I knew we had to do something.... I found a bottle of armor all, and figured, what have I got to lose? Sprayed it on the windshield, smeared it in a bit, and crossed my fingers.

Race time! now that I have a clear winshield, things are looking better (pun intended). Green flag drops, and I start getting in the groove. Lap after lap I gain on the cars in front - my car, for what seems like the first time this year, is handling AWESOME. I got a quick alignment done friday morning and it seems to have paid off!

Anyways, by the end of the race, I was in 2nd!!! I'd moved through the whole field. My lap times were consistently in the 1:34 +-1 except for a few where I got down to the 1:30s - 12 seconds faster than qualifying!

It was a ton of fun and a great way to end the series. Next stop, Mosport on Oct 8!

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