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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
But yea the knuckle needs to be cut off and welded. The end product is much better looking than the GC sleeves. Plus the strut bodies themselves are height adjustable, meaning no more cutting and shortening the strut tubes like you did. The units themselves are adjustable, so you don't have to worry about bottoming out the strut when you are slammed.
Yeah, being able to adjust the height of the strut body is definitely a nice advantage, but unless you're going to be going from slammed in the summer to 4x4 in the winter it's something where you set it and forget it.

Since these weld to the bottom of the knuckle, you're actually going to end up cutting and shortening your tube so that it's only 50mm so these can slide over top

On a more serious note, since these require welding to the cast steel knuckle you average DIY'er won't be able to install these on their own (or at least I wouldn't recommend it) whereas you can get away with it for the GC kit because you're welding to a similar thickness. You'll need someone who really knows their welding to weld the sleeve to the knuckle. To be safe I'd probably preheat the knuckle so you don't get cracking when the weld solidifies.

Other than that it does look like a pretty good kit.

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