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Yay or Nay?

Sup guys! My friend has a set of Porsche rims off a 944 for sale. He's trying to sell them to me but I'm on the fence regarding the way they look. Also to fit nice and flush it will need HUGE adapters. I can't remember the rear offset but the front were et65. The rims come with 4x100 to 5x130 20 mm adapters. When I put them on the car the fronts obviously didn't work. I had to use an additional 15mm spacer in the front to clear the struts. It also didn't help that they were mounted on 205/40/16 tires. I wasn't even able to lower the car anymore because I would have no ground clearance. For these to work they would need 205/45/16 tires with a 50-55mm adapter :S lol.

Anyways he convinced me to rock them to the Berlin klassik show last sunday. To see if it would change my mind, but I didn't lol. It was a 60-40 love/hate ratios. Even a few haters sayin,"who puts Porsche rims on a Bimmer?" lol.

Anyways here's a few shots. Let me know what you think. The rims are still for sale if anyone is interested, with 20mm adapters.


Personally, I think these would look sweet on an E30.

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