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After owning the car for 2 weeks, the rear brake light bulb burned out on the weekend. Was driving up to Newmarket and "lamp out" indicator came on. Got home and checked the lights during the day (not the smartest thing to do of course). Everything seemed okay visually. Checked around some forums on the error code CCID-134 ( I got and it said it was the right brake light. So I followed these instructions - and checked the bulb(s) out. In fact there are 2 bulbs on each side and upon closer inspection I could tell one of them had indeed burned out. Quickly popped into the local Canadian Tire on Sunday and bought 2 (they are sold in pairs for $5) and changed both bulbs. I checked the left side as well and both were fine. Upon further inspections I did notice that the right side bulbs were factory originals and the left side had been changed at some point. When you buy used, one of the first things that typically go are bulbs due to the fact it's been sitting on a lot for who knows how long. This happened on my van as well within the month of purchasing it.

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