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Originally Posted by Denny View Post
hey hey buddy long time no talk.. whats new? How come your going back to TO? thats going to be like a 10 hour drive now if we want to get together LOL...

If you ever come to QC city you got to stop buy with the GF!
Going to Seneca or Centennial College for my C.Tech cert or C.E.T. cert. Start making some real $$ and probably end up starting my own consulting/IT business later in life. I would more then drive 10 hrs (which would be cut into 8hrs) to see ya man! The gf wants to see QC so I would make a weekend out of it or mini-vacay. Glad to see you actually have it all put together, now for the kinks and then just smiles on your face as you put on the gas. I know what it's like when you feel boost around 2150 rpm and next thing your red lining. Why did you let the gf get a WRX though
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