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Help, my fuel pump died!

As title says, I went to get my hair cut this morning and when I started my car before leaving the parking I noticed that the motor wasnt running as usual.

I tried to rev it up but it it only went to 2000 rpm, so I turned around in the parking lot and parked where it died and did not restart. As I had some problems before with my fuel regulator, I had a permanent pressure gauge installed on my line, and it was barely doing 10psi... and I don't hear the pump prime anymore. Weird part is that it was running perfect on the way there.

I'll try to change it with an older pump assembly I had but I might need a whole assembly as my electrical connections seemed weak!

So if anyone has an fuel pump assembly for a e30 325is 1990, please let me know!

On a unrelated note: my brother just bought a car and needs an inspection for his insurance (because its "modified"). Any places around Ottawa-Gatineau??
Thank you!
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