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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
yaknow what, with all you guys bashing his design, I haven't seen anyone of you come up with something remotely decent to prove it being bad otherwise. I gotta say that for creativity, and originality that is pretty good. Sure it has similarities to others. EVERY car manufacturer RIPS other manufacturers off. plain and simple you can see the similarities of all the designs out there. no eureka moments there. However, regardless of what others say you have my thumbs up on this. and I would go as far to get one myself. Just to PISS ALL YOU dudes off..
I like the idea of building a "modern day E30" from scratch, it's the idea of taking a 30 year old car and gluing a bunch of stuff over top of it to make it look new that I don't like. If you stare at the top view for long enough you'll see that in reality this would be hard to pull off and make it look good (all the gaps around the window line are shit). And unless you start with a pretty pristine example as a base (sacrilege!) you are basically building a car that's going to rot from the inside out because those panels are just going to trap dirt and moisture.
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