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Originally Posted by demontwinz View Post
thanks jeff.

I love your long and detailed message. I enjoy reading your post. Yes sorry for typo. I am going to buy this BMW 335i 2007 with 96k on it. The lubrico is $1500 for 2 years for the major parts. I think Constantine Stan said he will try to cover as much as possible.

I won't be able to give a good update until Wed after I work out the details of the inspection. I am taking the car without any claims. THe BMW parkview inspection will be done tmw.

I am checking it out online- it's the Grey coupe right ? Nice. I love those rims.

Glad you enjoy the read. I believe the Lubrico warrenty goes for another 2 years if you don't make any claims(current incentive). If you buy, Just remember to hop on their website and record your maintenance. It's piece of mind your buying. I think there is a $50 deductable as well each time you claim. Always be sure to read the fine print.

What do you mean by your taking the car without any claims ?

Hopefully your inspection comes back okay. If you caught in a situation like myself with needing new tires you might consider putting non Run Flat Tires (RFT). I almost pooped myself when I found the run flats are over 1K for a new set so I went with non RFT All seasons.

Good luck and hope everything goes well for you ! Let us know Wednesday.
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