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Originally Posted by demontwinz View Post
Your post was one of the reason i went there. I have decided to avoid this place.

I test drove 2 335i this week and put a deposit on one of them. It is going to parkview BMW on Monday. I hope everything goes well. So far there is no pressure to buy. They are honest about carproof and accidents.

I am in the process of buying the 335i with no accident at all. THe other 335 had a non -accident claim of $1900.

I will give another update soon.

JEFF did you buy lubrico warranty from them? How is your car now after having it for 1 week? any concerns? redflags?

* am no not affiliated with Downsview place auto group. THis is my BMW, so I am new to this e92 thing. : ) i am excited to finally drive a driver's car
Hi demontwinz, glad you found the info valuable. I think you meant to say "I have decided NOT to avoid this place" based on your entire note about taking the car to Parkview for an inspection. Non-accident claim ? , sounds like someone broke into it IE. smashed window, or dropped something on the hood or something like that.

I didn't buy a Lubrico warranty from them for a few reasons. First, I try to save approx 200 per month into a car fund. These funds will go toward a new car or any major car repair expense whichever comes first. Second, I factor in the age and mileage of the vehicle. My BMW is a 2009 and had 80k kms, so that tells me the previous owner unloaded it once it ran over the warranty period. There is always risk something major will go but that's a decision you have to make for yourself. If it were a pre-2009 vehicle or had 100k kms, I would have likely bought at least a basic engine/powertrain warranty as those are probably the most expensive repair costs for any vehicle if something goes wrong.

Now keep in mind, I rushed my delivery kinda and they were gracious enough to accommodate me because I wanted the car for the long weekend. I went back the day after I got the car because I forgot a CD in my tradein and at the same time they changed the air filter because my wife had complained it smelled when the blower was on. Service was instant. Last week my wife said the AC took 15 mins to get cold, so I called the Sales manager up and he said pop by any time. So I took it back Friday and the guys put some Refrigerant in right away and now it gets cold within 2 minutes.

After driving the car for a week now I have to say I am really enjoying the car and have no regrets about not buying a Mercedes C300 4matic. Reality is both are quality luxury cars. Mercedes caters to more driver conveniences, has a smoother transmissions and BMW caters more to the driving experience and performance transmissions. The transmissions in these BMWs make the car so much fun to drive. For now what I've found after a week is the following:

1. Engine is sound, whether I'm driving or just revving the engine to 4000+ RPM, I don't hear vibrations, pinging or knocking. It's smooth.

2. Body is tight, On a normal paved road or the highway, I don't hear any creaks or moans. When I drive over a construction zone, I hear a bit of creak but my minivan does that too and just about any car I've ever owned new or used did that.

3. Handling is tight. I have a quite few roundabouts in my area. During non rush hour, I'll drive at them quite fast in M2 gear and car handles them like a champ. If I tried that in minvan or my old Acura EL (tradein), I would roll it for sure. Now keep in mind I'm going sharp right, sharp left, sharp right and at no time do I fee out of control.

4. Alignment is tight. Sales Manager was right about the new tires he recommended. I found it tracks true on a pretty flat surface on the highway for about .5 km before it starts to drift. Also during the last rain storm, I nailed the accelerator and got excellent traction, both at starting and stopping. I really hope the tires do well in the winter. I'll comment once I experience it (Are you experienced ? - Jimi Hendrix).

5. The Brakes freak me out because they are so sensitive compared to my Honda Odyssey. After converting back to driving my minivan, I have mini anxiety attacks because I keep forgetting I'm driving the minivan and need to press alot harder to stop before I nail the car in front of me.

6. Transmission. Seems pretty solid to me, no slippage, funny noises, etc. whether I'm in D, DS or manual.

7. Ride. Given it's a low profile performance vehicle, the ride is excellent, springs/shocks do their job well. However the ride is not even close to the comfort I get from my minivan

When I got my minivan, the salesman at Honda, who was a former BMW salesman said that BMWs drive like new even after 120K km if they aren't abused. That's another reason I wanted a BMW. From what I've experienced, that is very true so far. I test drove a 2012 demo at Town and Country (close to my work) and can compare the experience.

Another thing I forgot to mention is when I originally picked up the car it was washed and had been waxed for me - they never mentioned they were going to do that. I realized this because after I took it home, I washed it and noticed the water beading off the car from a fresh application of wax. Regardless I put a coat of NuFinish wax on anyways... can't hurt me thinks. I have bought new and used and always get a car wash and wipedown- no waxing.

Only thing I bitch about is the gas mileage sucks and it takes premium fuel. But I knew BMWs and Mercedes both have the same issue of $hitty gas mileage and premium fuel. I'm wonder if the next level of premium fuel will actually boost the performance.

Here's the concern/redflag.... be careful driving it (Especially since you will have alot more HP/Torque than my 328xi)... I can see myself getting a ticket quite easily because I can't tell the "speed feeling" yet when I'm over 70kph. Dangerous on the highway because the ride is smooth, the engine does not strain, cabin is quite. The Speedometer is inaccurate (quite common as I read in the BMW blogs) by about 2-5%. I address this by just checking the Speed on my GPS which is pretty accurate. That and the fact the Dash Speedometer is so hard to see the little numbers.

Good luck on the 335i, let us know how the inspection went and hope this reply helps you out.

You can be sure that I'll share any unbiased factual negative or positive experiences as my ownership progresses.
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