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you can now peel the cut carbon fibre away from the backing. this i have created on my own and will be selling them for $25 shipped (PM if interested or email badrat*AT* . if you have the 3M material you can now cover the plate and use a scalpel to cut away the excess material. i have tried the scalpel method before and it is really tricky to cut out where the labels are, which is why i have developed this template.

once peeled up, you will want to position the sticker from the bottom. making sure that everything lines up. work from the bottom to the top - laying the material down while making sure it follows the plate. everything should line up accordingly. if not, try to peel up the material slowly and reposition. the Dinoc is forgiving as long as you dont stretch it or get it too dirty (wash your hands!)

once everything is set, you can now give it a good press making sure it is stuck on well. air bubbles should come out with no problem

now you can reinstall the plate back into you car, follow the instructions in reverse. your car should look nice and clean once again! boom!

i think i might tackle the cluster next

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