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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Waved at you this morning at Timmies. Told my gf about your cause, she wanted to tear up as she did 2 missions in Mexico building houses for the less fortunate. Told her we should sell our car and get your M3 but no way would I want to DD your M3
Ya my wife does a lot for the less fortunate. She was in Cambodia when her father passed, it's a very sad story, and this is why I want to get this done for her. Didn't see you this morning, I'm not really very observant until after I've had my coffee haha.

Originally Posted by goodtime67 View Post
would you just sell your VMR wheels and tires combo to me?
How much were you thinking? No curb rash or knicks or anything on them. I put them on last July, so they probably have about 6000km's on them give or take. Also have a fifth wheel (19x8.5) that I curbed the day before putting the car in storage, no tire on it though as I put it on the new rim.
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