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Originally Posted by Jmar213 View Post
Just so everyone knows, I have never show this vehicle "in person" to anyone. I screen everyone I speak with just because I work 60 hrs a week and don't want my time wasted, as I have so many times in the past with other vehicles. The vehicle is exactly as described, you are buying the car, not marrying me. The purpose of the posting is for one to sell and the other to buy, not become the best of friends, have children and live happily evert after. I am an honest family man, and have never jerk'd anyone around in my entire life. I am not a teenage kid that has nothng better to do then slander, and insult other me,bers simply because they may have something better then me. It is childish, and pathetic in my opinion that there are people who enjoy this type of behavior. I don't have to like the buyer as the buyer does have to like the seller. It's then CAR that is important, nothing more or less. I don't know what everyone is determined to be idiots about me selling my car. If you don't like the car, or the price that is fine, you don't have too. Keep it to yourself and keep things moving. I see and hear things all day long I don't like, that doesn't me I begin to harass the person or persons I have the disagreement with. If you can find a cleaner, car with a desirable color combination, low miles clean or salvage for less money, then god bless you. No one if forcing anyone to like/buy my car. All I want to to deal with professional, honest serious buyers and you can expect the absolute same in return. Thank you.
lol I kinda understand this guys frustration. I had my E90 fully modded, clean title, all mods included + forged wheels for 20,000$ on Kijiji, some kid said he would give me $13,000 cause that's the average going price for that kind of car. I ended up telling him to %@#^ off and I will drive the car till it dies. Some kids have no shame, and just shoot out random offers hoping they can drive a BMW. I paid something close to 46,000$ for my e90 back in 07 now the kid thinks he can score it for 13k? For 13K he will never see another E90 as clean as mine.
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