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Originally Posted by Gleb View Post
OP, realistically speaking, the only thing you kind of proved, is that at 7/10 the M50 manifold is not much different from a M52 one.
What did you expect from a manifold swap without a tune? I think .6 seconds is worth the $150 investment. There isn't many things you can do to the car to gain that time with that kind of money. Actually, the only other thing would be an alignment. Let me go further...

OTA class rules use "PIPS" for each part changed or modified, some are worth 1 and some are worth as much as 12. There is a 5 PIP separation between each class with an expected 1 second difference in lap times. For example, if the fastest GT1 car is expected to do 1:25, then GT2 would have to do 1:26 to get maximum points(pax). This means that each PIP that you use, must at the very least gain you .2 seconds. In my case, the manifold swap cost me 1 PIP and gained me .6 seconds. So for me, it makes allot of sense!

I guess what it really comes down to is, is it worth it to you? The information I posted was intended to help people make the decision. Before this event, I did ALLOT of research and no one could provide real data so I took upon myself to change that. Was the test perfect? No, but it was really damn close. Take it for what it is.
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