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FS: 2001 325i or 2000 540i or 2005 M3 Cab

Alright guys, I'm doing something I swore I would never do...potentially putting for sale my M3.

Basically, and I don't want this to sound too sappy or anything, but last year we lost my wife's father, and as a tribute, her and I have been funding the building of a brand new school in Cambodia ourselves... We are oh so close to finishing it, we need around $5000 more. With my brand new son, I don't have $5000 more grand to throw at this right now, otherwise I would. This really means a lot to both of us, but especially her. She asked me to sell her car (the 325) but I'm going to offer up all of our cars to see if I can get this done.


I have a 2001 325i, black on black, auto, 190k. Manual seats, xenons, business cd, no sunroof, pleather, heated seats, a/c. All work since 07 done by me, recent work (in last 2-3 years) new rear springs, and shocks/struts all corners, valve cover gasket, new plugs, air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, power steering pump, expansion tank, oil changed every 6000km, just did one about 2 weeks ago, and the car hasn't moved since, brand new front rotors and pads sitting in my garage, just haven't had the time to do them yet (new baby haha). Comes with 4 steels and 1 season old hercules avalanche winters, and style 73's with continental contisports that might have one more summer in them depending on how much you drive. Car is not perfect, could use a buff, and minor rust starting to develop around trunk handle area and door sills. Rear plate bulbs just went out, but will be addressed. Other than that, no problems.

This car had a very minor front end collision, hood replaced, front bumper resprayed, and one headlight replaced.

I'd like to get $5000, but I will entertain all offers.

Next is my 2000 540i. 134k, auto, black on black leather. power everything, heated steering wheel and seats, cd changer, sunroof. I bought this car this winter (2012) to replace my e34. Clean title, however previous owner hit a large pot hole, and driver side airbags blew (not uncommon) and bent 2 wheels. I replaced airbags, 2 wheels, and gave it a full tune up and alignment. Airbag light needs to be reset by a specialist. Runs smooth, plenty of power. Comes with 17" style 32's plastidip'd black, and 16" mesh bmw wheels (look like small style 5's, not sure the style number) with one season old dunlop wintersports. Oil change just performed. Blacked out grills and all body and window trim. I was just under it for the oil change, and it needs valve cover gaskets, and possible oil pan/dry sump gasket, but other than that, this car is very solid. I would be happy to address the gaskets myself if a happy price is agreed upon

I think I'd like around $9000 for this one, but again, I will entertain all offers.

Last but not least, and I can't believe I'm typing this,

2005 M3 Cab, Silver on black, 6 speed, 99k. Xenons, heated seats, HK sound etc. Never winter driven (since I've owned, Aug 2009), No rust anywhere, stored in garage during summer and heated garage for winter, has seen rain maybe 5 times since I've owned it (Aug 2009). Not a daily driver, but maintained thoroughly. Seen under 3000km's so far this year. Obviously only Castrol 10w60 oil changes. Inspection 2 performed by Otto's summer 2011. Top is in great condition and always cleaned and sealed with Raggtop. Works flawlessly. OEM wind deflector. Lowered on ST coilovers by KW, VMR VB3's super silver, 19x8.5 et40 and 19x10 et25 with Yokohama Advan ad08 245/35 and 275/30 with plenty of life left. Has Status Gruppe catless headers, Status Gruppe section 1, Active Autowerke section 3, Evolve-R tune with smg lights enabled, stock rev limit, rear o2 delete. Has amber Weisslicht angel eyes, Tekarbon CSL half carbon diffuser painted, CSL style carbon splitters, depo smoked corners and side markers, matte black front grills and side gills, painted bumper reflectors and mtech sedan rear trunk lip spoiler.OEM modified shorty antenna. All mods done from July 2011 until now, and have probably less than 8000km's on them. All OEM parts go with including OEM 19's, with pilot sports 1's on the front, and ps2's on the rear (pretty much shot though).

I don't really want to sell the M3, so I'm not sure what to ask. I'm sure I'm a little emotionally attached to it, so my price to sell I think would be $30,000

It seems the prices for cars varies like crazy, so if you want to make an offer, or advise me about pricing, feel free. I won't be offended

Sorry for the super long post. I will try to get pictures up within a few days, pending our bad weather.

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