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E36 owners: Ever consider installing the M50 manifold without a tune?

Now, ideally the M50 manifold should be installed along with a tune but for those who do not have the extra $350+ this may not be possible. After doing my research I noticed allot of people asking if it was worth doing so and it was a question I had wondered about ever since I got the manifold. Well, what better way to test this than at the track. What track? Mosport!

This past weekend was OTA event 7 & 8 so I thought I would do a true back to back test with the stock maifold and M50 manifold without a tune. Thankfully the weather was absolutely beautiful and both days had near identical nconditions within a degree and a couple % points. This was the most ideal testing.

Car:1996 328i
Class: GT2(Mosport class record 1:37.9)
Engine mods: K&N CAI, A/C delete, Fan delete
Suspension mods:Too many to list, PM if you want to know
Tires/Wheels: Kosei K1 17X8.5 with 245/40/17 Hankook RS-3 Tires

On Saturday, I was able to manage a 1:39.1(besting my PB by 2.1 seconds) and I felt that I had left nothing on the table in terms of time. After completing the first day, and since I was camping over, I decided to swap to the M50 manifold so I could do Sunday's event with it. After it was installed, I drove the car around the area to allow the ECU time adjust to the increased volume of air. It ran fine but I knew the real test would come tomorrow.

After waking up, I made sure to fill the car up to the same level as I had the previous day just to make sure things were as equal as possible. My only concern about changing the manifold was how much effect would the toque loss have on my exit out of 5B(3rd gear). Even with the stock manifold, the car would only come out of 5B at around 3500RPM. Any torque loss would make the car lug even more and unfortauntely 2nd gear is too short to utilize. During my first run, I immediately noticed speeds were higher through 2-3, 4-5a and 5b-8 and that the torque loss had not been as bad as I had thought it would be. As the morning went on they crept up a little higher as the computer was continuing to adjust to the new manifold. At the end of the day, I am happy to report that my new PB fell to a 1:38.5. I could not be any happier with the result! Again, I felt I had left nothing on the track so I can say without a doubt, the manifold swap resulted in a .6 second improvement over one lap at Mosport.

Below are the times/speeds from Saturday/Sunday:

Saturday with stock M52 manifold- 1:39.1 *Turns 5B-8, 184km/h*
Sunday with M50 manifold and NO tune- 1:38.5 *Turns 5B-8, 192 km/h*

Hope this helps those who have been waiting to install their M50 Manifolds.
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