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so i did some touble shooting with my TPS first i thought i couldnt use the TPS that came with the itbs.. for 1 there was 2 tps one for the upper range and one for the lower range.. as i found from testing with the volt meter.

so began me buying 2 other tps that didnt end up working out.. and just as i was about to try something crazy.. i decided to try one of the gsx-r tps on its own not attatched to the itbs.... it showed full range.. but why... then looking at the tps further the way its designed to accept the butterfly rod uses tabs and not a slot.. so i was able to reposition the tps using the different tabs... tried it on the car.. and i have full range from .66v-4.06v same as stock tps. now i just have to find a way to secure it and adjust it if an when needed...

then i'll be back on the FG work... still shooting for the next autoslalom event to have it ready

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