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Over and above

I don't give out recommendations easily, and have never even been to SF. Of course they do great work and such (as everyone knows) but Mike's actions at Bimmercruise were unbelievable.

I was having a bit of trouble with my swap, it wouldn't start for a while (had only been driving for 8 hours before) and without any monetary agreement at all, Mike comes over as soon as he hears (having never met me) and proceeds to do like an hour or two (maybe more) of diagnostics on my e30. It was seriously his perseverance that kept me trying, and led to the car starting, driving all the way back to Mississauga, and now being fixed.

I owe a ton to these guys, and obviously this is a shop full of real enthusiasts with a real desire to help out.

....not to mention they build pimp ass cars.

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