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Originally Posted by jeff2 View Post
UPDATE: Experience with Downsview Place Auto Group for BMW 328xi

Okay, before I write about the updated experience, 2 things:

1. Just wanted to let readers know I will be rambling again.
2. I can see why BMWs are loved and sought after with a fanatic following. I was blown away by the features and handling.

So, I called up the dealer and checked on the status today (Tuesday). Now to be fair, the Sales Consultant did say on Saturday that Mid-week it should be ready but for me it’s one of those “I’d like it earlier if I could please”. I first called about 10:30am and asked who I should make the Bank Draft out to and if there was anything from me he needed to close the deal. He said the car was being driven back to dealership with the new tires (price included balancing, installation). On Saturday when the discussion around tires came up, he asked us questions and provided some options and suggestions(which is what a good sales person is suppose to do). Since I said it’s my wife’s car, it's all wheel drive and I don’t want to change to snows every year, so what is a good All Season, he recommended Cooper CS4 All Weather, which is strange because I was planning on buying them for my Honda Odyssey when the tires came to end of life. I had checked out customer reviews on these tires around the web and the majority of the users said it’s a very good tire for all Weather – dry, wet, snow- search on customer review) This would give me a chance to try them out earlier that I expected. Another benefit is if the tires were not so good, I wouldn’t buy a set for the Odyssey (which cost almost double because they would be for a minivan). So I was pretty happy to hear that he could get them for me.

I got the bank draft in the morning, did a few things at work. A few meetings got cancelled and I had time after 1:30pm. So, I called again and he said they were working on the checklist of items I gave them. Yes, after Saturday, we went home and we typed up a simple checklist of items (aside from the tires nothing big, just little things) and sent it via email. We also listed the trade-in items we were providing – Quid pro quo. Here’s the silly part, I got their email address wrong… go figure. I found this out when I called Monday to check on the Status.

Anyways, he said he would need the ownership of my tradein and didn’t see any issues other than he was backlogged with a bunch of paperwork for other cars that were being prepped for other customers. No problem there, wife and I cleaned out the tradein (we will miss that Acura – has been very reliable and no accidents) Monday night in preparation and put together a little package. Planning and being prepared makes a world of difference in achieving goals.

So I arrived a bit after 2pm. Saw my future purchase which of course gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and went inside. I met with the sales person and we chatted, provided my ownership for the tradein, did a bit of paperwork then he had one of his employees run out to the local Vehicle Registration office along with other paperwork for cars sold that week. In the meantime, finished up a few items on the list, they switched license plates, washed the car, more paperwork, answering calls etc…

During this time we had a chance to chat and I told him that upon doing my research it seemed his dealership was getting a pretty bad rap in Forums. He explained he knows this but it’s not really Downsview Place Auto Group( that the majority of the bloggers were blogging about Mazdas, it’s actually Downsview Auto( ) that deals in Mazda products and are located at Sheppard and Allen Rd. I just about fell off my chair. It all made sense at that point, after my very first visit to their place of business, I didn’t understand why people were slagging them so badly. I didn't see any Mazdas in the place. I mean you will always get a few unsatisfied customers who will hop on forums and paste the same story over and over and over again. It’s a shame that so many others who hopped on the bandwagon with negative comments who had never been there before may have caused some potential people who gather info on the web to miss out on some sweet deals at this place.

Anyways, with the paperwork completed, I got my wife’s new ride by 3:30pm, thanked and shook hands with him and home I went. I was having so much fun taking the long way home, I didn’t realize I was running out of gas. Thank the car Gods I checked the GPS for the nearest Gas station and whipped in. I noticed there is no gas lock on this BMW and gas goes in on the right hand side 

So, I can say today that I am very pleased dealing with Downsview Place Auto Group, they exceeded my expectations thus far and I plan to do service there as well in the future. But I have to say I’m even more pleased with the car.

The best sales transaction is when both parties part feeling good about what was sold and what was bought.

My wife took the kids to an appointment in the new ride and brought it home around 7pm. From 7:30pm to 11pm I’ve been trying to figure out how everything works. I’m sure there is a lot to learn still. Figure I’d write this up and ramble a bit before bed.

its very nice that you are helping out the community with very informative posts, and your excitement has probably caused you to be so detailed. thank you.


there could have been something very interesting in that wall of text, but my eyes hurt after the 15 minute mark.
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