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Originally Posted by Woodbronks View Post
Ya for sure if your at the next CSCS I will stop by for sure any tips do help, i'm doing some reading here at my lunch about the OTA events I just may join for next year i'm going to see what I have to do to get the car ready for an event like those, example...cage,seats,belts,suit if needed etc.....

I have considered a school just waiting for the full race car to be built not my street car.. even thow I have lots to learn, it is my first full year on a track and only 5th track session went once last year and it was a blast.... what school do you recomend in Canada? can you elaborate on my interesting habits, any pointers?
I was going to point out some mistakes in the video but it really is hard to instruct when not actually inside the car. That being said, listen to what the others in this thread have said! Going to a few different schools will help dramatically and will in the end make you a much better driver. I would definitely look into OTA and BMW trillium schools as they seem to have the best bang for buck. There are schools such as skip barber but they are allot more expensive and only available south of the border.

Before you do anything, make sure you know where you want to go with this sport so you do not end up wasting money. It is expensive afterall!

Oh and btw, in OTA you do not require a cage, harnesses, seats or suits to compete.

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