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Its great that youre going to the track, but if you want to be a better driver out of the gate start with a school like Rudy said. Then you can go back and rape just about anything that steps on the track at a cscs event.
There are def a few bad habits that i noticed (unsolicited advice, take it however you please)

Missing just about every apex
Braking waaaay too early
Not getting on the gas soon enough
Wrong gear for certain turns.
I dont think i heard even 1 blip of the throttle while you're downshifting so you're not heel toeing
And last but not least you're sitting too far back from the steering wheel. Your arm should still be bent when it's at the top of the steering wheel.
Im going to the school sept 8th and 9th, you should come too, waaaay different than a cscs event. $500 for 2 days of lapping mosport gp with class and in car instruction.

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Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.
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