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Aug 27 Update

Ok so its been a while since the last update; here is what happened.

I got the car back together and Champion tuned it again but it put down about the same power. So I removed the engine and delivered it to Champion for a dismantle and diagnosis. Champion found that the pistons were out of round so after replacing the bearings, pistons and rings they gave it back. The engine was not as advertised when I bought it. I was told by the shop originally the motor only had 16k kms. With the condition it seems it was more like 160k kms.

Lesson: Be careful when you guys by big ticket items anywhere. While I have no physical proof I bought this engine from Auto Evolution, because its not on the invoice, I can assure everyone I did. I had asked the shop to run the typical tests, leakdown and compression. I was told the motor was good, I trusted the shop so I assumed that meant the tests were ok, but it was a lie. Never take delivery of anything big, like an engine, without physical proof of its condition despite how close you think you are with the owner/employees.

So I got the motor back and into the car and have been driving it around the last three weeks. Power seemed really strong, but I did not really wring it out as I was trying to set the rings. Kept it blow 2.5k RPM and ran diesel oil for the first 500kms. Last week we switched it to regular non-synthetic and I started pushing it a bit more. And this simply put a bigger smile on my face. I brought the car to Bimmercruise yesterday despite a power draw issue but a localized generator and a battery charger kept me going just long enough for the AutoX and a dyno.

The AutoX was good, despite a spin and an off, and I was happy to finally be back on track after missing 3/4 of the season. Then when I went to dyno I got a pleasant surprise, after a tremendous punch in the gut.

First Run - Not recorded due to power failure
Second Run - 345HP and 358TQ - Punch in gut.
Third Run - 345HP and 398TQ - WTF?
Fourth Run - 407HP and 418TQ - Pleasant surprise.

I will say these are STD numbers so SAE may be slightly lower. I would believe the second and third runs to be true however if you look at the graph their are clearly parts missing, so I can only assume they are incorrect relating somehow to the power failure of the first run. The car definitely feels to have significantly more power than the last time it dynoed at 340. The runs I've had against some cars on this forum further confirm that. I will post a vid of the last run when I get it sometime tonight.

Until then, graph is attached.
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