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Sorry for the thread jacking! Here is what the MTO site says:

1. My vehicle has a brand in another jurisdiction. Now I want to register it in Ontario. What will happen?

Vehicle brand information from other Canadian or US jurisdictions will be carried forward when these vehicles are registered in Ontario with the exception of the "Rebuilt" brand. Imported vehicles with a Rebuilt designation or its equivalent from other Canadian or US jurisdictions will be registered as "Salvage" in Ontario thus requiring them to undergo a structural inspection to ensure that the vehicle has been properly repaired before being branded as "Rebuilt" in Ontario.

So basically, if the car is branded as salvage in the states, it will need to be have the structural inspectiond done to have it legal in canada to switch the brand to rebuilt. However, if the car is branded salvage due to water damage and not collision, it will be branded as irreparable and cannot be legalized.

You will have to look around, but I believe many body shops have the ability to do the inspection.
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