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Originally Posted by Swaybars View Post
I went to see this car this week. It is a sunroof delete, Canadian market car.

The car has a couple of dents from rocks that go to the primer and the interior is quite dirty. A bit of rust starting at the rear of the rocker panel, the aluminum driver side mirror mount is corroded. Front bumper alignment is a bit off also. Glove box has definitely been fixed and the airbag light is off (unlike on most M coupes)

The car does indeed have the Forbes subframe fix, but it still has the single-ear diff cover. Suspension, exhaust look to be stock. Tires at around 60-70% life and brake seem about the same.
Interesting find on the rust, that makes me glad he rejected my offer. I've had so many local sellers tell me "no rust" then show up and find it in multiple areas. I'd be pretty angry if I spent money on a flight out only to find out it has some.
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