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Steering wheel shake/shudder at different speeds

Can someone help with diagnosing this problem.

2001 BMW 540i

My steering wheel shakes/shudders at speeds of 75-80kph then again at 110kph and 160kph.

If I slowly accelerate up to to 70-80kph I feel the vibration, If I quick accelerate up to 70-80kph I dont feel the vibration.

Sometimes I get no vibration, and sometimes I get alot. If im declerating from say 120-130kph down to about 70kph I get the shudder and vibration while braking.

Below 70kph I feel no vibration.

Got the wheels balanced, upper control arms and ball joints replaced. Tie Rod assembly replaced. And got an allignment, but nothing worked.

I still have the vibration.

Please advise. Thanks

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