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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
Hmm I am just curious to know why they are not for you since I never been to a meet so I can't tell.
Originally Posted by BigD View Post
I'm speaking for myself but I loved this forum for its community feel. Odds are that the guy or girl you were replying to, you were gonna see and talk to later that week on a Friday evening, or at a cruise, or in their back yard. So no one was acting hard, very little bullshit that I remember, and shit stirrers didn't last (except sirex lol). The meets were small, no cliques... we'd often go to a restaurant together. Now, it's just another car forum. I think I mainly stick around out of nostalgia now. Haven't been to a meet for like 5 years.
I couldn't agree more and this is largely the reasons I don't come anymore, I have no interest in hanging out in a parking lot with a bunch of strangers I don't have anything in common with that I don't really want to talk to and that I would never willing see again.
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