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news search revealed car at 286 in 2010 then transplant took place thereafter = so 310ish on body then rebuilt to current spec ..... (i will start a more organized thread in for sale section soon as i know what it will cost to tidy it up for emissions)

first cranking and idle for warm up - put on earphones, it will give u a similar 'feeling'.......

the second link is getting 'out of the way' with a brief 7k wail.........(if you pay attention, you will notice a silver passat towards the end that was trying to cockblock my 'progress'...... he got a lil shook up and 'hurt')

uploads taking too long....

FOLKS....need suggestion on pricing or parting .....pulls harder than m3 with simple intake and butchered exhaust (theres more cement on the 2000 weld spots than you can shake a stick at...)

more to come enjoy for now

Steer with your QUAIFE

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