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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Yup he used to come here to bash all the rice and hack jobs. Ppl hated him but most of the time he spoke the truth.
No, people hated him because he's an asshole. There are many ways to say the same thing, he chose the asshole way, hence, asshole. He left because this forum didn't put up with his shit, even though he was revered as a BMW God at the time, since the E30 was "in". I think I remember our mods even editing his douchenozzle posts for the lols and he ran away like the bitch he is.

Originally Posted by lvan View Post
Hmm I am just curious to know why they are not for you since I never been to a meet so I can't tell.
I'm speaking for myself but I loved this forum for its community feel. Odds are that the guy or girl you were replying to, you were gonna see and talk to later that week on a Friday evening, or at a cruise, or in their back yard. So no one was acting hard, very little bullshit that I remember, and shit stirrers didn't last (except sirex lol). The meets were small, no cliques... we'd often go to a restaurant together. Now, it's just another car forum. I think I mainly stick around out of nostalgia now. Haven't been to a meet for like 5 years.

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