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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD View Post
Dave = M50E30 from Niagara. Got married, sold the car and fell of the earth
Lee= Lee from Montreal, serious 2002 & E30 enthusiast. Regular BMWCC member
M3ntal Kev= Kevin had an E30 M3 then MiniS, now drives a new Audi A4. I stay in contact with him on FB.
Straight_6= Kevin still has his red E30 (garaged for 9yrs). Has a family and slowly getting back into the scene. Clay bar'd his E30 this past weekend.

There's so many more, but my memory is crap (blunts?).
I'm still alive and kicking - haven't logged in here in a very long time though. And I ping Randy time to time on FB.

/// M3NTAL Kev

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