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I have always thought about this scenario/type of thread. The original Max members are the best members, I remember when everyone on the board used to know each other on almost a first name basis (and often what car someone drove). You can tell just from the atmosphere in this thread how much cooler the oldschool members are lol. The new max is full of useless comments. Remember when a for sale item actually got replies from only interested parties and ended up selling in a timely manner to someone from the thread lol.

I think Max was 1 month old when I joined, there were less than 10 members lol. A buddy of mine joined at the same time, was user name Lil Smoothie back then, now goes by KOBIM3R although I don't think he is very active.

Anyone remember a guy, think his name was Dave, he was from St. Catherines, old school member and a neighbour of my friend mentioned above. I think he had a 4 door E30 he modded. Autotechnica was also a member I remember being in the initial 10, although his username back then was something similar to mine. We should start calling out the other O.G.'s, but keep it real O.G., who haven't posted in this thread yet.

Mike (Zimmie)
Jay (Mystikal)
Gavin (DaydreamM3) another great guy from the past.
Jeremy (Jeremy)
Ryan (Slowered318)
Mark (Furious)
Paul (Paul540/M3) although not too active anymore.
By join date he may not be as oldschool as the other in this thread, but he gets honoralble mention and belongs to the thread... Kevin (Boots R) awesome guy lol.
There were also some guys who made up the Ottawa/Quebec area section, like Sly, Lee, Olschool, etc.

Edit* How could I forget, naturally Bruce (Bliss), and just thought of two more:
Sam (Madchigga)
Vlad (Sickfinga)

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