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Originally Posted by ScotcH View Post
That's because usually "different" = "idiotic". Sorry, but purposly rusting a hood for "looks" is 100% retard mentality. I could just barely see it on a rat rod, or an old junker, but a prestine looking paint job paired with rusted parts?
Originally Posted by Discostar View Post
... I'll agree with the rusted hood, only because its so out of place on a car in that shape. But aside from that, it all fits together nicely.
Not sure why you quoted me there. I agree with you about the rusted hood. But I do think it works great on a rat rod. I have seen some pretty good examples.

Originally Posted by SiR View Post
but that set up isnt all
Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
That's the thing - there's nothing really different about this car. It's something of a hodgepodge of all the worst fads. A clusterf@ck, if you will....

By different I was referring to anything other then the stock M kit with a roof rack, which seems to be the only thing people don’t criticize.

I don’t see how this is a hodgepodge of all the worst fads. Which fads are you referring to? Its not like the wheels sit 4” outside the fenders.
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